Dan Smyers, one half of pop group Dan + Shay, has a big heart when it comes to animals.

The singer has been working with Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue for years and, and has fostered a total of about 40 dogs today. He currently owns four dogs with his wife Abby in Nashville, Tennessee. When the couple got married in 2017 they actually urged guests to donate to the rescue shelter as opposed to receiving normal wedding gifts.


The singer’s four dogs go by the names Chief, Macaroni, Ghost and Joy. Smyers noted how entertaining and lovable his pets were. “We treat them probably better than most humans get treated. They live a pretty good life and they are very, very goofy. All of them, they have their own interesting quirks and we love them for it,” he told People.

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adoption day = the best day

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The dogs are set to join the country duo as it takes on its first arena tour in 2020. “They are road dogs. They’ve probably been to more states than most people have,” Smyers explained. “They are the life of the party on the road … especially when we get to go somewhere that they’re not used to like the beach or something. They love that.”

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