If Sunday night’s Big Brother 14 taught us anything, it’s that even the best players can hold a grudge. The house's usual dominant player, Frank, was understandably shaken by the departures of Mike, his close friend, and Ashley, whom he had been linked to romantically. Frank even yelled at Ian for orchestrating the betrayal that sent Mike home. Eventually, Frank apologized to the house, but remained mad at Dan, who Frank believed was the man behind Ian’s shifty plays.

With his grudge officially set against Dan, Frank tried to enlist the help of Britney, Shane and Danielle to send Dan packing, but Danielle refrained from committing to the group push because of her past loyalties to Dan, who was her former coach. Oddly enough, Britney exhibited no qualms with the plan and told Frank she would vote out Dan.

The Head of Household game required using a rope/pulley system to drop a ball into a hole along a board. There were actually two stages to this game — a pregame and then the actual game. Frank finished last in the pregame and therefore had to beat each HouseGuest individually in the real game to win HoH. In a true Big Brother miracle, he accomplished this feat and, not surprisingly, named Dan a “Have Not,” relegating him to bad food and cold showers for the week.

Upon winning the HoH competition, Frank was invited to the Pandora room where he selected three boxes out of the roomful, which contained cash prizes up to $10,000. While Frank was choosing away, the rest of the housemates played an extra veto power game; a crane arcade game in which a special box contained the extra veto power. HouseGuests were hit with plastic balls, some of which contained two quarters that they could then use to play the game. Dan failed to pluck up the box with the crane and tried to trick the other HouseGuests from searching for quarters by saying that he won the box. This lie didn't work, though, and Ian ended up winning.

With the extra veto set, Britney made a play to save Ian, who won the game, so that Ian could use the veto power for Dan. At the elimination ceremony Frank ultimately nominated Danielle and Dan for eviction.

Viewers will need to tune to CBS on Wednesday at 8 p.m. to see the results of Britney’s scheming and learn the fates of Danielle and Dan. —Hal Sundt

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