Dan Bilzerian, aka ‘Instagram’s Biggest Playboy,’ reportedly threw porn star Janice Griffith off a roof of a Hollywood mansion and into a pool on Wednesday, resulting in her broken foot.

Bilzerian, “Actor, Astronaught, A—hole,” is a millionaire, bad boy, poker player who reached Internet stardom with his Instagram account. On any given day, Bilzerian will share photos of himself cleaning his gun collection, looking at expensive cars and posing with scantily clad models while surrounded by bricks of cash. He has almost 1.5 million followers on the photo sharing site and has been hailed as the most interesting man on Instagram.

Bilzerian shared the photo above on Wednesday, April 23, before the accident occurred. Griffith can be seen posing in the background, completely naked and playing ping-pong, while Bilzerian sits at a table cleaning his guns.

“I hate cleaning guns, but a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do [sic],” Bilzerian captioned the photo.

It is clear from other Instagram shots shared from attendees that the event was a photo shoot and not the wild party Bilzerian might want his followers to believe. Lisa Golightly, the other woman in the photo playing Ping-Pong in the nude, shared a photo of herself with Griffith on Instagram with the caption, “ #bts [behind the scenes] from today’s shoot!”

Instagram's Biggest Playboy Throws Porn Star Off A Roof

Somehow over the course of the day, Bilzerian thought it would be a good idea to throw a naked Griffith, 19, off the roof of the Hollywood Hills mansion and into the pool. A guest at the shoot video taped the entire thing, and caught footage of Bilzerian flinging Griffith over the edge. Griffith narrowly misses landing completely on concrete, and falls into the water, but appears to knock her foot on the concrete on her way down.

Bilzerian has not released any sort of comment on the incident, nor did he update his Twitter or Instagram followers on the day of the shoot.

Griffith, however, announced that she broke her foot on Twitter and other attendees, such as Nate Igor Smith, also tweeted about the accident.

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