Damon Wayans, Jr. posted a sarcastic Fourth of July tweet, and many on social media were not having it.


“Happy white people proud of their racist ancestors day,” he wrote on Tuesday. When a few people called him out for various reasons, he responded: “A joke some took too personally, So what. Jokes aren’t illegal.”

Some were upset by the comment because Wayans is a successful Hollywood actor, and deemed it just another elite mocking the common folk. Others told the actor he should appreciate living in “the best country in the world.”

Others didn’t buy that Wayans meant his statement as a joke. “Yep, it was a joke. But feel free to be offended by it. ;)” he wrote in response.

“Enjoy what’s left of your already s—ty career that your dad created for you,” said another user, referring to Wayans father Damon Wayans, Sr. “Thanks Jason :). Will do,” the junior replied.

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