The Dalai Lama appeared at the Glastonbury music festival over the weekend to celebrate his 80th birthday and speak on a climate change panel.

The Dalai Lama Celebrates his 80th Birthday At Glastonbury

Patti Smith brought out the Dalai Lama during her Pyramid Stage set and led the audience in a performance of “Happy Birthday” as he received some celebratory cake. The spiritual leader took a few minutes to address the large crowd at the festival and encourage them to love others and thank them for their positive support.

“Dear Sisters and Brothers, I really appreciate so many people’s expression of warm feeling. … I dedicate my body, speech and mind to the wellbeing of others, as is my main daily practice. So, when the people showing real warm feelings, that gives me more enthusiasm, so I very much appreciate [it,]” he told the crowd.

The Dalai Lama made some jokes about Smith and her band, noting their white hair and saying that their youthful energy has inspired him to be more active, before encouraging the audience to invite friendship through “open heartedness” and offer love and positive energy to people every day, as if every day were a birthday. “[Compassionate feeling]…is the ultimate source of happy mind, happy feeling,” he said.

The Dalai Lama On Climate Change And ISIS

The Dalai Lama also appeared at a Glastonbury panel on climate change, where he supported the Pope’s call for people to act on climate change. He called on national leaders to work together to fight climate change and better the environment. “The concept of war is outdated, but we do need to fight. Countries think about their own national interest rather than global interests and that needs to change because the environment is a global issue,” he said.

He later addressed festival-goers at the Stone Circle where he touched on ISIS and violence overseas. “In this very moment, in some parts of the world, like Syria, Iraq, Nigeria and some other places – they’re killing, human to human beings. Unthinkable. And the worst thing [is that] conflict, killing each other, in the name of their faith,” he said.

“A lot of problems we are experiencing are our own creations. Violence is being created this very moment in Syria, Iraq and Nigeria.… Humans killing each other in the name of religious faith. Unthinkable. Carry the message of love and tolerance and forgiveness,” he added.

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