Tom Cruise has won a total of three Golden Globe Awards throughout his acting career – and he has decided now to return the trophies as a way of protesting against the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s lack of diversity.

The controversy started when Los Angeles Times published an article about HFPA’s lack of diversity and potentially corrupt practices – exposing the fact that there are no black journalists in the organization.

As a result of all the backlash, NBC canceled the Golden Globe Awards for 2022, though it said it hoped they would return in 2023.

Scarlett Johanson has spoken out about “sexism” at the HFPA. Other than lack of diversity and inclusion, it has been speculated that the HFPA uses unethical practices in determining the Globes nominees.

Netflix and Amazon have spoken out against the HFPA and said that they won’t work with the organization until it has made a systematic change.

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