On what looks to be on an island getaway, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley shared with her Instagram followers a post-pregnancy physique in a red swimsuit.

Whiteley, the English model and actress, cradles her ten-month-old son in one hand while using the other to hold her phone up to her face. The Mad Max: Fury Road actress took another photo with her son in hand, this time in a noir filter styling a summer dress.


She seems to be enjoying her winter break if her Instagram stories are to be believed.

The actress can be seen in a speed boat with her children, the newborn Isabella, and Jack who is five years old. Tropical trees can be seen swaying in the distance. Whiteley has been raising the two children alongside fiancé Jason Statham.

The pair have been together since 2012, but only recently got engaged. Whiteley has often described marriage as “not a huge priority.”

“I think it will be fun to do it when the baby’s [Jack] grown up a bit and he can be involved in the wedding,” Whiteley told the Economic Times.

The actress has spoken out about how the pregnancy affected both her mental and physical state.

“For a period after I had my first son, there was a real shift in identity, and a sort of mourning of the loss of your old life, and who you were,” she said. “‘I’d had all these years of being really independent, being able to come and go as I wished, being self-employed to a degree, calling the shots, and then suddenly having [something] that really anchored me to home life.”

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