Rita Ora‘s recent post to social media shows off an incredibly toned physique during a stay at a beautiful-looking island location.

Taking a walk on an almost vacant beach, Ora wears a thin blue bikini top matched with a black-and-blue skirt. Her accessories include bracelets and a necklace that do a magnificent job of completing the outfit.

The singer spent the Christmas holiday with family as well as heading over to London to spend time with her husband Taika Waititi.

The director of Thor: Love and Thunder recently revealed that it was Batman star Robert Pattinson who introduced the pair to each other. Waititi opened up on a number of relationship-related subjects. Before marrying Ora earlier this year, the pair were apparently good friends for a while. They only started dating in 2021, but they’ve known each other for at least three years.


“Everyone thinks we met in Australia last year. You know who brought her to my house? Rob Pattinson. He brought her over. I was having a little BBQ and we just got chatting, we hit it off, became friends. Then for the next three-and-a-half years we were just good mates,” Waititi told journalist Louis Theroux. “We were in different relationships, and every time we hung out, we would just catch up where we left off, and it was a good friendship, and we decided to ruin it all. I just like the fact that we work hard, and we’ve both got our own jobs and independent, but are also best friends.”

Waititi touched on what he thought were some great cultural similarities between the pair and in their upbringings that may have brought them closer together. “We come from different parts of the world, she’s from Kosovo and I’m from New Zealand,” he said. “They’re very far away but our backgrounds were quite similar. We both grew up poor in working-class families, her dad owned pubs and she hung out in pubs a lot when she was a kid and my mum worked in pubs and a lot of my family enjoy being in pubs so I was in pubs a lot as a kid.”

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