Madonna has once again caused alarm among fans, this time just in time for the holidays.

The star shared a montage of her Christmas. The clip showed a video of Madonna sitting on her bed in lingerie with her now-infamous stare.

Alongside the quick clip is a family photo of the singer and her adopted children. Many fans were made “uncomfortable” by the holiday montage. Those who viewed the Instagram posting were concerned that a clip of Madonna in lingerie was placed go side by side with a picture of herself and her kids. Another photo had the singer kneeling in the middle of her kids, holding one by the calf.


The post has gotten up to 162,000 likes so far, and though there were many fans who applauded the star, there were many that found the combination of family photo and lingerie-wearing to be a bit odd.

One person commented, “Who’s letting her do this?” Another follower wrote, “Anyone else felt scared about her eyes? 😮”

Back in October, Madonna’s dramatic change in appearance alarmed fans with numerous odd video postings. “I just want the old Madonna back,” wrote one commenter.

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