Lizzo is fighting back against her haters in a new video rant on social media.

Wearing a bikini, the singer gives an impassioned speech on what looks like a holiday destination.

“The discourse around bodies is officially tired! I have seen comments go from “oh my gosh I liked you when you were thick why did you lose weight?” to “oh my God why did you get a BBO [Brazilian Butt Lift] I liked your body before.”

The controversy surrounding Lizzo’s weight has been a constant ever since the singer rocketed to fame.


The “Juice” singer described the types of criticisms she receives. “‘I liked your body’ before to ‘OMG you are so fat you need to lose weight for your health,’ or ‘OMG you are so thin,’ to ‘OMG why did she get so much work done?'”

“Artists make art,” she added. “This body is art.”

The singer slapped her stomach and backside while speaking, pushing the point being made.

“Do you see the delusion? Artists are here to make art and this body is art,” she noted.

Lizzo has said she sees herself as trying to redefine the definition of beauty. On social media, she has championed body positivity, as well as calling out fat shaming through her music.

Lizzo has also spoken out on other types of beauty. “It may not be one person’s ideal body type just like, say, Kim Kardashian might not be someone’s ideal, but she’s a body icon and has created a modern-day beauty standard,” she said. “And what I’m doing is stepping into my confidence and my power to create my own beauty standard. And one day that will just be the standard.”

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