To celebrate Matthew McConaughey‘s new memoir, Greenlights, his wife, Camila Alves McConaughey, posted a photo of their son, revealing their family resemblance.

“Your son looks so much like his daddy,” one fan wrote in the comments, marveling at how Levi looked like a “Brazilian Matthew McConaughey.”

Besides baking cookies, McConaughey has also been celebrating his new book by going on a virtual book tour, which held an event on October 23 featuring Dwayne Johnson, Idris Elba, Reese Witherspoon, Ethan Hawke, Woody Harrelson and Kate Hudson.

Greenlights includes details on McConaughey’s experiences as a victim of sexual assault, his thoughts on the most famous line of his career, an explanation of his refusal to date co-stars, his priority on family and his thoughts on parenting (the star wants eight more kids!). It was published on October 20.

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