Kylie Jenner is promoting her cosmetic line in an unusual way, though fans have gone wild over it.

Jenner posted the promotional ad for Kylie Cosmetics skincare line to her brand’s Instagram page.

The clip shows the reality star using her brand’s Lavender Bath and Body Bundle on herself while she takes a bath. Jenner wears a purple bikini top as she starts the video by lighting a candle and using the products to wash her skin. Once out of the tub, she uses oils from her cosmetics line to soften her skin.


Jenner captioned the clip, “Today’s Kylie’s Christmas surprise is 50% OFF all bath and body. Shop @kyliejenner‘s lavender bath time faves on #Kylie12daysofChristmas.”

Recently, the mother of three has posted multiple salacious photos to her social media, including one of her and a friend hanging out in a hot tub while she grips her bikini top while eyeing the camera above.

Jenner was recently on a trip to Aspen, Colorado where she posed for the camera several times. Another image from the vacation has The Kardashians star looking away with her backside toward the camera.

Fans took to message boards to share their support of Jenner.

One critic commented, “Was wondering when we would see the boob grab…”

Another wrote, “She can never take a typical photo can’t she? Her photos are always sexual.”

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