Kim Kardashian has shared a new snap of her new look.

The reality TV star has left her silver-blonde locks behind, going back to her rich brown locks. To make sure the silver glimmer was not totally gone from her appearance during her family’s annual Christmas bash, she wore a glitter-heavy dress. The silver gown had Kardashian almost bursting out of its asymmetrical low-cut neckline.

In a clip that the Kardashian shared with fans, she hangs out with hairstylist Chris Appleton. As he helped prepare the billionaire for the family party, she playfully says, “We’re back!” Before ending the video, she showcased the rest of her ensemble and blew a kiss to her millions of supporters.

On the TikTok account that is managed by both North West and Kardashian, the duo shared a behind-the-scenes clip before the bash. The pair lip-synced to Mariah Carey‘s “It’s Time” while Appleton continued to curl Kardashian’s hair.

The Christmas celebration, usually hosted by Kris Jenner, was managed this year by Kourtney Kardashian. Khloe Kardashian was the first to arrive, alongside her daughter True Thompson.

The bash itself was vibrant, with a room full of a light red color. The ceiling was draped red to match the Christmas tree of the same color. Khloe went on to film moments from the party. In one, Khloe recorded Sia performing with North beside her.

Kim shared her own videos of the party, including a TikTok involving North. “Christmas Eve party be like,” the caption reads.

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