Iggy Azalea has now joined the platform OnlyFans with a new project, Hotter Than Hell.

The project was launched on Friday.

For $25 a month, fans will receive access to videos, music, photography as well as much more.


The rapper advertised the project by posing in a lime green bra and underwear. Azaelea’s marketing pays homage to Madonna’s iconic 1992 coffee table book Sex.

On OnlyFans, Azalea will collaborate with fashion photographers, visual artists and collage artist Ian Woods.

The project will end with her own coffee table book wrapping up at the end of 2023.

Azalea spoke out about the project that took her almost a year to come to fruition.

“I’ve been working on Hotter Than Hell for 6 months already and I’m full of excitement and nervous anticipation to begin revealing it to the world, layer by layer. Admittedly, I never knew OnlyFans was a place where I could be creative, so I didn’t expect to be collaborating with them on my biggest project to date! Once I looked beyond the surface-level chatter about what it means to have an OnlyFans, I realized it was the perfect platform to launch a multimedia concept on.”

Continuing to discuss the controversial site, Azalea went on to say, “I feel excited about not having to worry about the overwhelming and creatively limiting censorship artists have to navigate when sharing work on other digital platforms. The project is bold and fun – so is this collaboration – I think it’s going to surprise a lot of people.”

Fans were quick to point out that Azalea had gone back on a tweet posted back in 2021 where the rapper claimed she would never use the site.

“I think onlyfans can be really empowering for people, But I WILL NEVER, EVVVER join. I don’t want to make that type of content & it only f**k up the bag for ppl on there who really bout that life. Shoutout to the baddies tho!!!”

The rapper has recently discussed retiring and has finalized a deal with Domain Capital to sell her master recordings and publishing catalog for eight figures.

Still, fans have questioned the deal.

Defending herself, Azalea responded, “I sold a portion of my catalog to who I wanted, for an amount that means I don’t have to work another day in my life. I love y’all down but the master’s conversation is a little beyond most of your understanding of business.”

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