Social media star Chrisean Rock and rapper Blueface were featured on a No Jumper podcast, but things devolved quickly and Rock was dragged out by security.

Rock and Blueface started dating in the summer of 2022, and the past few months, they have been on a rollercoaster of drama.

The podcast lasted around 30 minutes before things got out of hand, and Rock started to get feisty.

“You’re trying to say, you’re trying to gaslight me. Just let me talk for myself. I don’t like it when nobody sets me up in a conversation,” said Rock.

Blueface stated that he no longer wanted to do the interview after Rock tried to speak for herself.

He then directed security to take her out, which they do. As she is dragged out of the studio, all that can be heard is, “Blue, what are you doing?”

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