Cardi B is showing off her new swimsuit – and post-baby body – while on vacation in Jamaica along with her husband Offset.

The beach getaway was to celebrate Offset’s 31st birthday. In photographs shared to Cardi B’s Instagram, she wears a lime green one-piece that shows a flattering figure after the birth of their child Wave Set Cephus.

The duo also have a three-year-old daughter, Kulture. The recent mother also could be seen in a light green cape with bits of blue interwoven to give it an island style, while dangling a yellow purse on her side.


While on their vacation, the pair were seen venturing around on a golf cart. The couple were spotted days before Cardi B shared the holiday pics with her social media followers.

She shared a few clips with Offset present. In one, she sports a pretty purple top, laughing after Offset puts on his best Jamaican accent, saying, “We’re on the island, catch the island.”

Ofset can be seen taking in the scenery, smoking while watching the waves of the ocean. Surprisingly, one video pans over to Cardi B’s sister Hennesy Carolina. The three seem to be smoking around a beach table.

While on vacation, Rosalia released a remix of “Despacha,” which included Cardi B. The original track was released earlier in the year and Cardi B, reportedly, adored the song. “Loving the Rosalia album….. soooo fireeee. Even if you don’t speak Spanish you will get into it,” she told her millions of fans.

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