Wardrobe malfunctions happen, and for celebrities, sometimes they just happen to be in front of thousands of people.

Camila Cabello was doing press at BBC’s The One Show for her new single “Bam Bam,” and was asked what her favorite dance move was. As she was demonstrating the dance move, her loose-fitting blouse shifted a little too far. She quickly recovered and joked, “I flashed you … I hope you didn’t see nipple.”

Hosts Alex Jones acknowledged the wardrobe malfunction later in the show.

“Sorry once again for Camila’s wardrobe malfunction – bless her! It happens to the best of us doesn’t it?” he said.

Co-host Jermaine Jenas agreed that Cabello dealt with it “brilliantly.”

Cabello was able to laugh off the incident, even sharing a TikTok video of herself singing “I wish I had a time machine,” captioned “When my stylist asked if I wanted nip covers and I said no.”

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