Britney Spears‘s father, Jamie Spears, who was removed as her conservator last year, has requested that she pay his legal fees. The pop star responded to the request with new accusations of financial improprieties he committed while in control of her finances. These claims were made in a court filing on Tuesday.

There were several allegations in the new filing, but the most disturbing one was that Jamie used his daughter’s estate to pay a security firm $6 million to obtain phone records and GPS locations of people close to Britney.

This firm, Black Box Security, was apparently able to obtain these records, including private phone records for Britney’s mother and others to see if they were speaking to reporters, according to a testimony from a former Black Box employee Alex Vlasov. It is not yet clear how the company obtained this sensitive information.

While this was the most explosive claim in the filing, there are also several instances of unethical financial management by Jamie brought raised. They include several instances of self-dealing, by paying for his own living expenses with his daughter’s estate and selling her childhood home to himself.

Jamie may have even begun the conservatorship under a conflict of interest. The filing shows that he received a $40,000 loan from a business management firm called Tri Star while still applying for the conservatorship, and then hired the same company to manage Britney’s estate after his application was accepted.

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