Daddy Yankee has denied being gay after a picture that appeared to show him kissing another man surfaced on the internet yesterday, and was followed by a statement in which the rapper allegedly came out of the closet.

Daddy Yankee, famous for raunchy club hits like “Gasolina,” issued a lengthy statement through his publicist vehemently denying the rumors circulating about his sexuality.

“Online blogs and social media are once again to blame for the spread of false news reports, which other media outlets have also shared regarding a public figure,” said Mayna Nevarez, president of the public relations firm Nevarez Communications. “The reports circulating regarding Daddy Yankee’s declaration of homosexuality was falsely written by an online outlet known for fabricating false information and spreading it through social media sites.”

Taking to Twitter to further shut down the claims, Daddy Yankee posted the following Albert Einstein quote in Spanish: “I fear the day when technology overlaps humanity. It will be then that the world will have permanent ensuing generations of idiots.”

Many of Daddy Yankee's fans have noticed differences between the Puerto Rican singer and the man in the picture — including descrepancies regarding facial moles. It's suspected that the statement in which Daddy Yankee allegedly came out saying, I’m human like anyone else, with flaws and qualities, and I don’t think this is a flaw, I won’t deny it," was a creative fabrication.

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