DaBaby has been back in the news after unearthed security footage related to his 2018 shooting and killing of Jaylin Craig in a Wal-Mart in North Carolina. A clip of the footage showing the fight leading up to, and moments after the rapper born Jonathan Kirk shot Craig, made the rounds online with some saying it contradicts his claims of self-defense because Kirk appeared to throw the first punch in the fight.

The video appears to show DaBaby attacking a friend of Craig’s named Henry Douglas according to the video, but the rapper is off-camera for the beginning of the interaction and it’s not clear what was said between the two parties before the fight happened.

According to his attorneys Drew Findling and Marissa Goldberg, this footage has already been reviewed by both prosecutors and a judge who both found that he acted in self-defense. He told cops that Douglas and Craig had followed him around the store and even threatened him by flashing a gun of their own.

“Witnesses were interviewed and corroborated Mr. Kirk’s statement. The entirety of the surveillance video was viewed and determined to corroborate Mr. Kirk’s statement,” Findling and Goldberg said. “Mr. Kirk was protecting himself and his family at the time of the shooting.” The victim’s family has denied that Craig was intending to harm the rapper and that he was just a fan who recognized him.

The rapper was also being investigated earlier this year for a fight he got in at a bowling alley with his ex-girlfriend DaniLeigh’s brother, Brandon Curiel.

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