Author Dan Brown and his ex-wife, Blythe Brown, have settled their lawsuit. In the suit, which Blythe Brown filed last year, she alleged that Dan Brown had led a “secret life” in which he cheated on her multiple times, used funds for his affair and took undue credit for Blythe Brown’s alleged contribution to his famous series, The Da Vinci Code.

Blythe Brown called her ex-husband’s behavior “unlawful and egregious” in her suit. She accused him of diverting funds without her knowledge to pay for gifts to his mistress, who has been described as an unidentified Dutch horse trainer. She claimed that she only learned about the affairs after the end of their marriage.

The couple was married for 21 years and divorced in 2019.

“Dan has lived a proverbial life of lies for at least the past six years, seeming to be the epitome of a world-famous novelist leading a simple life in his home state of New Hampshire, while in reality he was something quite different,” said the lawsuit. “For years, Dan has secretly removed substantial funds from his and Blythe’s hard-earned marital assets to conduct sordid, extra-marital affairs with women—one half his age—and to pursue a clandestine life.”

Dan Brown said that he was “stunned” by his ex-wife’s claims. He asserted that the allegations were “written without regard for the truth.” Instead, he said that he never deceived Blythe Brown about their money during the divorce. He said that they split their finances 50-50 when they ended their marriage.

“For reasons known only to her and possibly her lawyer, Blythe Brown has created through this suit a fictional and vindictive account of aspects of our marriage designed to hurt and embarrass me,” said Dan Brown in a statement at the time.

Blythe Brown also alleged that she had inspired a great deal of the author’s work, including having invented the premise for the hit historical thriller, The Da Vinci Code. In addition, she claimed that her ex-husband hid multiple future projects from her, including a television series and a children’s book the latter of which is said to be due for publication in September. Blythe Brown said that, combined, these projects are worth “millions.”

Dan Brown claimed that he never took credit for his wife’s contributions. “The allegation that I failed to fairly acknowledge the literary contributions of my former wife is wrong,” he said.

According to court papers filed on Monday in New Hampshire, the couple has finally agreed to dismiss the lawsuit. Documents said that they will cease “any and all claims and counterclaims in this matter.

“Blythe Brown and Dan Brown have reached an amicable resolution of their disagreements, and will have no further comment,” said Harvey Wolkoff, Blythe Brown’s attorney, in a statement. “They request that their desire for privacy and closure be respected.”

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