YouTube’s Rumble Viral posted a funny video in which a man captures the moment of a cute Husky, playing with an adorable baby.

Baby and Dog in Loving Embrace

The first few seconds of the video leave you with a smile, as the curious toddler crawls toward the black-and-white Husky. The dog appears to stare off into space, until the baby flings its little hand to pet the big dog’s fur.

The dog’s mouth makes a playful grab for the baby’s palm, but never underestimate a baby in a diaper. The infant makes another effort to grab the dog’s attention by patting its white fur.

The Husky just can’t resist his chubby little friend, and decides to give in to the baby boy’s persistence by flipping over to snuggle with him. The baby is happy with his playmate, smiling and laughing along with the man behind the camera lens.

The Husky and the baby enjoy a few more loving moments with each other, as the baby continues to pet the dog, and the dog licks the baby’s cheeks.

The dog gets a little bit too loving and lick happy in the final seconds of the video — swapping its tongue in the eager baby’s mouth. I know they say that dogs have cleaner mouths than humans, but it can’t be sanitary. Be careful baby, hope the Husky had its shots!


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