Former cop Curtis Reeves was denied bond on Tuesday, when he faced second-degree murder charges for shooting a father dead at a movie theater in Wesley Chapel, Fla. earlier in the week.

Curtis Reeves Denied Bail

Reeves, 71, became enraged on Monday afternoon while sitting behind 43-year-old Chad Oulson, who was sending text messages during the previews for Mark Wahlberg vehicle Lone Ranger. The verbal altercation ended when, Oulson, who was texting his daughter, was shot dead beside his wife, reported CNN.

Tuesday afternoon marked Reeves' first court appearance. During the proceedings, Circuit Court Judge Lynn Tepper denied his appeal for bond, stating that there was “more than sufficient probable cause” for his second-degree murder charge to stick. Attorneys for the defense were unable to successfully argue for the charge to be lessened. Reeves was not physically in the courtroom on Tuesday, but was beamed in through a closed-circuit TV.

Reeves attorney, Richard Escobar counseled his client to not say anything until they could speak to one another. Reeves already allegedly admitted to firing the weapon at Oulson upon his arrest, according to a police report. He claimed, “He was in fear of being attacked” and that Oulson had struck him with an “unknown object.”

Father's Texting Leads To Fatal Movie Theater Shooting

The confrontation started on Monday when Reeves told Oulson to put his phone away during the previews, reported ABC News. An argument ensued, leading Reeves to go seek out management. When he returned to his seat, still irate, Oulson reportedly asked him if he’d gone to report his texting, and told him he had just been sending a message to his daughter. It’s believed that after Oulson tossed popcorn at Reeves, the retired cop pulled out his handgun and fired.

Oulson received immediate medical attention from fellow theatergoers before an ambulance took him to a hospital, where he later died. His wife, Nicole Oulson, who’d put her hand up before Reeves shot, suffered a bullet wound to her hand. She was later treated for the non life-threatening injury.

– Chelsea Regan

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