In the newest sitcom from NBC, Mike played by Patrick Warburton and his wife, Martina played by Carrie Preston, are enjoying their empty nest when their world gets crowded.


After four years of holding down their fort alone, Mike and Martina are unexpectedly joined by their two post-grad daughters played by Miranda Cosgrove and Mia Serafino. The girls complain about being an adult and the parents wish for their quiet home back. Along with their daughters, Mike’s parents also decide to move in instead of moving to Florida.

Within a few days, Mike and Martina want to claim their home back and confront the rest of their family who do not take it well. Of course, the two feel terrible and allow the in-laws and their daughters to stay put.

“It’s a very traditional sitcom, but it does have a contemporary bent to it,” Preston says. “Our daughters are openly sexually active. In the pilot, (Mike and Martina) are smoking a joint. Stuff like that nowadays is something a television audience can accept, but maybe a decade ago it wouldn’t have been allowed.”

The show snags a few laughs when it comes to birth control jokes and poking fun at Stella’s love life.

“It’s a great portrayal of a marriage, and it’s a positive one,” says Preston. “Mike and Martina like to have (their daughters) around, but we hope that they’ll become adults and maybe find their own way and their own life. I think a lot of people nowadays are dealing with the boomerang generation. They’ve raised their kids to love being in the family, so they don’t want to go. What do you do then?”

Crowded moves to its regular Sunday slot (9:30 p.m. ET/PT) on March 20.

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