For weeks, trailers for Dundee: Son of a Legend Returns Home have been making the rounds on the Internet, but a Super Bowl ad explained the whole thing – the stunt was nothing but an entertaining tourism ad for Australia.


Fans of Chris Hemsworth and the original 1986 film Crocodile Dundee have been wondering if the star-studded sequel was real, and their questions were answered on Super Bowl Sunday. Danny McBride and Hemsworth acted in the ad as if it were a real movie until McBride figures out the scheme. “This trip of a lifetime, unforgettable wineries, world-class restaurants,” reads text over shots of the country.

“Wait hold up,” McBride says. “This isn’t a movie.”

“No,” confirms Hemsworth.

“It’s a tourism ad for Australia,” McBride adds.

“Yes,” admits Hemsworth.

The ad plays as if McBride really thought he would be playing the son of Dundee. “But listen, you’re the best Crocodile Dundee since Crocodile Dundee,” Hemsworth assures him. Then they cut to a cameo of the real original Dundee, Paul Hogan, who shakes his head in disagreement.

In the weeks leading up to the punchline ad, various trailers were released featured an all-Aussie cast, including Hugh JackmanMargot RobbieRussell CroweRuby RoseIsla FisherLiam HemsworthLuke Bracey and Jessica Mauboy. The sequel was presented as a comedy where McBride plays Brian Dundee, the long lost American son of Mick Dundee. Hemsworth would have been his sidekick Wally Jr.

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