Criminal Minds episode “Angels,” the first part in a two-part finale, promises some frightening suspense as well as a bit of dark humor from the recently released sneak peek and promo.

In the promo, it’s stated that, “Before this episode is over, two agents will go down.” According to the footage, it looks like Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) will go down during a shootout on the street, while Morgan (Shemar Moore) hits the floor of his apartment. "He thinks he's showing us that he's smarter than we are," says Reid before he gets shot.

The sneak peak for “Angels” provides a glimpse of Alex Blake (Jeanne Tripplehorn) and Davis Rossi (Joe Mantegna) meeting with a coroner who performed an autopsy on a prostitute. It quickly becomes apparent that he didn’t perform a number of routine steps to help them find her murderer. He didn’t do a rape kit because she was a hooker. He didn’t run toxicology tests because her cause of death, according to him, was clearly a gunshot wound to the head.

Suspicious, they ask the man where he went to medical school. Like in many small districts, an elected coroner serves this particular county in Texas. He never went to medical school; he just got the votes for the position. “Ah, Democracy in action,” quips Rossi.

The BAU will have to overcome the poor autopsy if they hope to connect the dots in the string of prostitute homicides, which they think is the work of a man using religion as a motive.

Criminal Minds “Angel” airs on CBS Wednesday night at 9/8c. Michael Trucco, Brett Cullen and Esai Morales are guest starring.

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