After the ultimate cliffhanger from the last episode of Criminal Minds Derek Morgan (Shear Moore) is abducted and taken to a very remote cabin in the woods. Morgan is kidnapped by Edgar Solomon and his team. As Solomon continues to viscously torture Morgan, the BAU agent drifts off into a dreamlike state and is visited by his dead father, Hank (Danny Glover).

‘Criminal Minds’ Recap, Season 11 Episode 16

During his trance, Hank greets his son and the audience isn’t sure whether his father is there to give him strength or guide him into the afterlife. Morgan ended up flashing back to when he was 10 when his police officer father was shot and killed. He also flashed back to when he was 15 and abused by a pedophile.

Morgan ended up snapping out of his trance state and took on his captors as his fellow BAU team members close in on his location. The agent fights off two more captors in the bathroom and eventually loses consciousness. As he wakes up, he finds himself with no cell phone service and no transportation. Finding a half dead captor, Morgan demands the SIM card to use a satellite phone but the captor decides to swallow it. This doesn’t faze Morgan, who guts the captor and retrieves the SIM card to call Penelope and the rest of the team who are waiting for any signal from him.

Before the team could get to Morgan, more captors emerge to finish him off, but Penelope and the others arrive to kill the gun man. As emergency teams arrive and load Morgan into the ambulance, he begins to flatline, but Hank pushes him to fight for his life and the life of his unborn child. “Dying is easy,” Hank tells his son. “You know what’s hard? Not being there for you son.”

Three days later he wakes up in the hospital with Savannah at his side. He asks the mother-to-be for her hand in marriage and she replies with a “yes.”

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