Scott Stapp, the frontman of the Christian rock band Creed revealed in a video blog on Wednesday, that he is penniless and living in a Holiday Inn. He posted the rambling 15 minute video on his Facebook page (which has since been taken down, though we have a clip of it below). Stapp alleges that royalties meant to be paid to him, as well as money meant for his record label and money from his private accounts, have either not been paid or stolen by someone else within his organization. Also revealed in the video was that he had been living in his truck for several weeks, and didn’t have enough money for food, gas or lodging.

Creed had been one of the most successful bands in the 90s, and toured together last in 2012. They received a Grammy for their 2001 song “With Arms Wide Open.” Other songs like “Higher” and “My Sacrifice” made it onto the Billboard Top 200 list. Together, the band moved more than 40 million albums in their heyday.


The news comes on the heels of Stapp’s wife, Jaclyn, filing from divorce from the rocker after eight years of marriage. Jaclyn has claimed Stapp has becomes unstable due to heavy usage of amphetamines, crystal meth, steroids, cocaine, PCP, Special K and various prescription drugs.

According to her, Stapp had disappeared from their Boca home in October and had no contact with him until recently when he sent her paranoid text messages that are believed to be drug fueled. Some of the alleged texts include:

▪ “Florida is not safe. Biological weapons on the way. U have to leave with kids and meet me in Atlanta.”

▪ “I’m coming to get you Satan and children. No mercy. You know how this ends. God created you and now God is ending you.”

▪ “God is also telling me something about Palm Springs and Nashville so there’s a connection somehow. He’s also telling me DEA for some reason.”

▪ “Wells Fargo working out my account problems. I’m out of gas. Haven’t eaten all day. I’m asking if they can spot me $1,000 so I don’t fall over from malnutrition.”

▪ “I wouldn’t doubt it if the CIA is behind Alcoholics Anonymous.”

Jaclyn is hoping to obtain full custody of their children, Stapp to now be a danger to their family. Stapp has had repeated difficulties with suicide, domestic violence and drug abuse. Last week he called the dean of his children’s school claiming that ISIS was targeting them for a terrorist attack. Today, Stapp was found by police officers in Madison County, Fla., on the side of the road, incoherent, and claiming there were people attempting to poison him. He is currently being held on a psychiatric hold.

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