Courtney Barnes gave a unusal description of a police car chase that took place in Jackson, Miss. After a local news station broadcast his account on June 10, the video of his hilarious interview went viral.

Courtney Barnes Gives Interview About Mississippi Car Chase

Barnes witnessed the scene of the crash that occurred in Jackson on Wednesday. A Jackson State University police vehicle was chasing a van and suddenly jamming into another officer’s patrol car, which hit a utility pole. The unnamed patrol officer suffered a head injury.

Barnes is known locally as a flamboyant street dancer who auditioned for the Fox competition show So You Think You Can Dance last season.


The laughs start right away when Barnes appears in front of the interviewer flashing his bright green hair, long green nails and drawn-on unibrow.

The news interviewer asks Barnes what he saw, and he couldn’t wait to give his descriptive interpretation of the car crash. “What I saw was a horrible tragic situation, the man was coming down, the police was trying to stop, the man said ‘no not today,’ they began to race behind each other like cats and dogs,” Barnes said. He even took time out to wish the injured officer well, “Lord be with this young man he needs a blessing!”

The interview becomes even funnier when Barnes is asked where he was when the accident happened. “Well mam… I was actually going to buy me a piece of a burger from Burger King, and girl, I just stopped right in the middle cause my hunger just went away,” Barnes replied. When detailing the aftermath of the crash Barnes told the reporter, “The police car just twisted and twirled around like a tornado, girl!”

Kind of a poetic description of a car crash, don’t you think?