Second-time parents Kyle and Danielle Williams received quite a shock when Danielle gave birth to a baby boy after an ultrasound had predicted the baby was female.

Ultrasound Incorrectly Predicts Baby Girl

Kyle and Danielle, a Michigan couple who are also parents to a daughter, Peyton, 2, were told they were expecting another little girl after an ultrasound done when Danielle was 20 weeks along. When Danielle gave birth via cesarean section on March 3, Kyle said he was shocked to see that the baby was not a girl at all.

I was speechless and wasn’t sure if my eyes were playing tricks on me or not,” Kyle told Today.

Kyle let the doctor announce the news to his wife, who was equally shocked and refused to believe them until she held her son in her arms. “But she was thrilled when they brought him around to her to see him for the first time. The look of pure happiness on her face was amazing,” Kyle revealed.


The couple had already informed their family and friends that they were expecting a girl, and had decided to name her ‘Charlee’ before the big surprise. Instead, Kyle and Danielle named their surprise son Bentley Thomas Williams.

WATCH: Family Reacts To Learning Baby Girl Is Really A Baby Boy

For fun, Kyle and Danielle decided to record the reaction of their close family when they revealed the baby was a boy. The couple then uploaded the video to YouTube, where the series of happy and hilarious reactions has gone viral.

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