Country singer Kane Brown is explaining the “real story” as to how he and some friends got lost on his new 30-acre property leading them to call the cops.

After venturing out with his friend and his friend’s girlfriend for what he told his wife would be a 30-minute adventure, they realized that they were lost and could not figure out the way back to Brown’s house.

Brown shared, “The real story is I moved into a new house. I own 30 acres of 3000 around me… Thirty minutes turned into three hours it started raining turned dark and dropped 40 degrees.”

Brown did not have his phone and the only phone they had, had seven percent battery. The group used GPS but kept being brought to cliffs. Brown then called another musician Ryan Upchurch, who lives nearby.

Upchurch did not know how to find his way back either expanding the group of lost people to five. Through an Instagram video post, Upchurch shared the story stating, “So we found them. But we ran out of gas. We ran out of cell phone service, too. We got lost in the woods with him.”

The group of five ended up calling the police after one person began to have an asthma attack – and the group was being shot at. The group was rescued by the police and safely returned to Brown’s home.

In the end, Brown shared, “That’s the story but I love the getting lost in my backyard better,” appearing to make light of the entire situation.