The film Fast & Furious 9 has also been pushed back for an entire year due to concerns about the coronavirus.

The franchise, that’s made Vin Diesel a cinematic superstar, will be postponed for approximately 11 months. The Fast and Furious Twitter account posted a notice onto their page, which marks the last public tweet that the page has posted. “We are moving the global release date to April 2021, with North America opening on April 2. While we know there is disappointment in having to wait a little while longer, this movie is made with the safety of everyone at our foremost consideration.”

The movie revolves around Dominic Toretto (Diesel) immediately following the plotline of the previous film. In F9, Dom and his crew must face Toretto’s younger brother Jakob, played by John Cena. Not too much is known about the movie unfortunately, since trailers were the only parts of the movie that people were able to see.

Fans on Twitter were frustrated, but obviously, we all realize that these are actions that need to be taken for the safety of all.