A metal satire website fooled the masses after they posted a fake story about lead singer of Slipknot Corey Taylor’s mask that was allegedly stolen while he was eating a ham and cheese sandwich.


The site, heaviermetal.net is known on the internet for its fake stories about rock musicians but once Facebook picked it up, it become a trending topic.

“Fans at Slipknot’s Albuquerque, New Mexico show were very surprised to see an unmasked Corey Taylor take the stage during the band’s performance last night,” the fake story began. “This is the first time in the band’s history that Taylor [or any other Slipknot member] has performed without a mask — but this wasn’t about making history, instead, Taylor was forced to take the stage without a mask for a very unsettling reason.”

Below is a photo of Taylor donned in his signature Slipknot mask uploaded by a fan made account.

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A photo posted by Corey Taylor Fan Page (@coreytaylor) on

The story also went on to say: “When the Slipknot frontman took the stage, he was greeted by a sea of shocked fans who immediately began taking photos of the historic moment. Fans were even more surprised when Taylor began singing his other band’s hit single “Through Glass”, seeming to forget that he wasn’t on stage with Stone Sour.”

After the story was added to Facebook, an editor from the metal site had added this note:

“Facebook has sourced this story as real news in a trending topic. For those of you who cannot tell, this website is completely filled with satire stories. We enjoy making the metal community laugh — but please don’t take our content seriously.”

Read the full story here.

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