In a video that Slipknot‘s and Stone Sour‘s frontman, Corey Taylor, recorded for Music Choice, he commented on a recent statement made by Kanye West. During West’s cover of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” at the Glastonbury Festival on Saturday June 27, the rapper declared himself the “greatest living rock star on the planet.”


“Kanye, you’re not the greatest living rock star of all time,” the singer said in the short video. “The fact that you had to tell people that kind of says it all.” “You remind of the guy who brags about p—-,” Taylor added. “They never get as much as they brag about. Stop it. [Slaps wrist] Stop it!”

It doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone that West has compared himself to yet another great artist, seeing as the rapper is known for over-the-top self-comparisons. In an interview with The Sunday Times, West compared himself to Leonardo Da Vinci. “For all haters, I’m not saying I’m Da Vinci, but I feel it’s right for any human being to compare themselves to anything,” he said. “I could compare myself to this chair, I’m saying, ‘I’ve got one on my back, so I’m a chair.’ ”

“People get really uptight about my comparisons, but I’m an extreme speaker, and I speak through comparisons,” he added.

The rapper also compares himself to Jesus when he raps, “I know he the most high, but I am a close high,” in his song, “I Am a God,” from his 2013 album Yezuz.

In a 2013 concert in Paris, the rapper also compared himself to Picasso, Walt Disney and Steve Jobs: “No matter how they try to control you, or the motherfucker next to you tries to peer pressure you, you can do what you motherfucking want. I am Picasso. I’m Walt Disney, I’m Steve Jobs.”

Watch Taylor’s video message to West below:

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