Corey Feldman, the early 80s child star, recently released a music video for his new song “Ascension Millennium,” which is raising some eyebrows.

In the odd music video, the Goonies star wears heavy black eyeliner, is surrounded by scantily clad women and does an impersonation of Michael Jackson – complete with his famous dance moves. While Feldman might be best known as an actor, the acting in the video is nearly as bad as its green screen sequence.

Filmed in single-shot, the video follows Feldman from when he wakes up in the morning with a women in bed next to him, to when he goes to bed to find a naked woman waiting for him. As Feldman swaggers around his digs in a leather studded jacket and matching pants and gloves, he takes a lap around his pool perimeter, joins a dance party in his basement, grabs a snack from the kitchen and crashes a jam session with a band upstairs. The concept for the video filmed entirely a “Feldsmansion” was ‘a day in the life’ of Corey Feldman.

Feldman released his first solo album in 2002, called Former Child Actor. "Ascension Millennium" is the first single off his forthcoming album.

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