Corey Feldman is dragging his feet to sign on for the planned Goonies sequel, as he first needs reassurance from producers that they’re putting together a worthy script.

Corey Feldman Wary Of 'Goonies' Sequel

Feldman, 42, starred in the original 1985 movie as Mouth alongside Sean Astin (Mikey), John Brolin (Brand) and Jeff Cohen (Chunk). Richard Donner directed the beloved film from a story and screenplay written by Steven Spielberg and Chris Columbus, respectively.

Donner recently announced his intentions to make a sequel to the 80s classic, and allegedly told Feldman that Spielberg would be involved in the project, reported TMZ. The former child star claims Donner spun a similar tale not too long ago, making him skeptical that it’s the real deal.

"It can't be done without a perfect script!” said Feldman. “We all must be certain that it doesn't miss the magic of the original."

Since his childhood stardom, Feldman has acted in small projects and dabbled in music. Over summer 2013, he released a music video for his track “Ascension Millennium,” which went viral on the Internet. Filmed completely at “FeldMansion” in Los Angeles, the music video featured scantily clad women and a Michael Jackson impersonation by Feldman.

– Chelsea Regan