Sick of cable clutter? Standzout’s compact Helix Dock for Apple Watch stores up to two meters of your Apple Watch charging cable, providing a neat alternative for charging your Watch at home or on the go. Made of molded polycarbonate plastic, the dock is light, easily portable and keeps tangled cables in check.

A USB charger and magnetic charging cable that come with the Watch are combined to create a charging platform that is plugged directly into an outlet. Apple’s 0.3m, 1m and 2m magnetic charging cables are all compatible with the dock. Helix provides a hassle free charging experience: simply wrap the Apple Watch’s cable around the barrel, insert the charger and plug it in.

Part of the inspiration for the convenient design of Helix came from paying attention to the way users interacted with the Watch. Brandon Barnard, Standzout CEO, said: “Once we had the Watch in hand, we quickly realized that the nightstand isn’t necessarily the only place to charge Apple Watch.”

GET IT! You can purchase the Helix Dock for Apple Watch  in black, white or clear on Amazon for $17.99.

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