A Florida man was caught at a routine traffic stop with a Cookie Monster stuffed animal full of cocaine.


The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office said the man, Camus McNair, 39, was pulled over for having an obstructed license plate. When The driver rolled down the window, the officer smelled marijuana and performed a search, whereby he found the adorable doll.

“He took a closer look and found a slit cut in the doll,” the police explained in a detailed Facebook post. “Inside the doll were two packages containing what turned out to be a total of 314 grams of cocaine.”

Cookie Monster was found inside a backpack that also held paperwork clearly belonging to McNair. He has been arrested for trafficking cocaine.

A concerned Facebook follower of the Monroe Country Sheriff’s Office asked, “Was the Cookie Monster arrested though?” to which the account replied in jest, “He cooperated and was released without charges.”

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