An 11-year-old boy in D.C. started a small bonfire in the middle of the road during a protest of a Donald Trump presidency, who is now speculated to have been Connor Carey,  the son of Drew Carey.


When interviewed by Fox News, the boy said his name was Connor, and when asked why he started the fire, he replied, “Because I felt like it, because I’m saying ‘screw our president.'” The scene occurred live on Tucker Carlson Tonight. The boy was even sassy when the anchor called him Carter instead of Connor.

Though Carey has yet to comment on the video and scenario, photos on Carey’s Instagram account show him with a boy who appears to be the same child. Carey was also in the area around the same time and was interviewed by TMZ. “I was just down the street having dinner with my kid and wanted to see [the protest],” he said.

Good Morning from #Kenya! #LilGovernorsCamp #MeAndMyBoy

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Father and son. Interviewing Ethan Hawke about Boyhood tonight on @LateLateShowCBS

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According to various news sources, Connor is not Carey’s biological son but the son of Carey’s former fiancee Nicole Jaracz. Carey still considers Conor to be his son. “He’s the best thing in my life,” Carey said of the boy in a tweet about Father’s Day in 2015.

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