The Cyclone at Coney Island stopped suddenly on Sunday on one of the first rides of the 2015 season.

Coney Island Cyclone Stalls On First Ride Of 2015

The Coney Island Cyclone, which has been a fixture at Coney Island since 1927, celebrated its opening day on Sunday, March 29, with a series of Coney Island traditions, including the first 100 thrill-seekers a free ride.

Unfortunately, on one of the first few rides, the Cyclone got stuck right at the top of a high peak, reportedly sitting 85-feet in the air, causing customers to panic.

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According to eyewitness reports and park officials, park employees were able to walk up the tracks and safely escort the customers back down to the ground.

Officials shut down the ride and conducted a safety inspection before reopening. Soon after the scary mishap, Lunar Park NYC released a statement, calling the stall an “isolated issue” and promising that those stuck would be allowed back for a free ride.

“Safety is the number one priority for our guests at Luna Park. This was an isolated issue and it is quickly being resolved. The Cyclone will reopen after proper inspection. No one was injured. Those on the ride were safely evacuated according to our safety training procedures and will be able to ride again for free,” reads the statement posted on Facebook.

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