Conan O’Brien had fun with the ladies of his Conan show crew on July 2, as he joined them for a night out to see the premiere of Magic Mike XXL.

Conan O’Brien Crashes ‘Magic Mike XXL’ Girl’s Night

In a video recorded for the Conan audience, O’Brien decided to detail the highlights of his girl’s night out with a few of his female employees. The video starts with O’Brien speaking to his viewers. “All the women on my staff have been freaking out because of this movie coming out called Magic Mike XXL. I don’t know much about this film, but judging by the title I’m assuming it’s about a very heavy magician,” the host joked.

Conan explained that he asked the women on his staff if he could join them for a girl’s night out to watch the midnight showing of the new film and they said yes. Later, Conan is seen walking to his assistant Sona’s apartment where all the other girl’s were meeting. When he enters Conan goes to hug Sona, but she’s confused by the gesture. “This is my assistant Sona—showing no affection,” Conan said.

Conan sat comfortably on the sofa with the rest of the girls and hilariously started to sip martinis with them. The host later pulled out a couple movie posters and asked the girls who their favorite actor in the film was. Sona expressed her love for Joe Manganiello saying, “I would marry him so hard and quickly.” Conan quickly pointed out, “You don’t marry someone hard!”

The audience laughter reached new heights when Conan started to try out a few of his own sexy dance moves. The host got loose, taking off his clothes and awkwardly hip thrusting on the floor to the song “Whip It.”

After his strip tease Conan joined the ladies in a limo filled with champagne. The group was having fun drinking and shouting until Conan ruined the mood by saying, “I have it on good authority that women don’t care for a large penis… it can be bothersome.” Nothing but crickets was the group’s response.

Check out Conan’s recap for yourself.

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