Conan O’Brien and The Walking Dead‘s Steven Yeun got an over-the-top K-Pop makeover for J.Y. Park for his song “Fire.” It was filmed during the comedian’s recent South Korean episode of Conan.

In the video they drink K-flavored Kool-Aid that transforms them into Korean pop singers who are searching for the right party in South Korea. Conan’s iconic “string dance” makes it into the three-member boy band’s choreography, and they sing in both English and Korean with the help of added vocals from Jimin Park the rapper from the the K-pop group 15& (although she is not present in the video). K-pop girls groups Wonder Girls and TWICE are featured on the video as well. The self-mocking concept is similar to Park’s collaboration with UV in 2011 “Itaewon Freedom” or Psy’s 2012 hit “Gangnam style.”

“Fire” is the second single released this week by Park and follows his anthem “Still Alive” where the he declared “his relevancy amidst the K-pop scene filled with his protégés,” explained Billboard, as the CEO of JYP Entertainment which manages many of the big names in the flourishing K-Pop industry (including all of those who make an appearance in the video).

Other parts of the hilarious episode feature O’Brien in unrequited love with a matchmaker played by Korean soap star Jang Na-ra, a trip to the DMZ, and a visit to Seoul’s gaming café PC Bang where O’Brien munched on Korean snacks and made fun of other players.

This Korea episode, sparked by Korean fans sending him native snacks, follows a string of international features in Cuba, Armenia and Qatar.

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