Comedian Kate Quigley is recovering after being hospitalized on September 4 after a reported drug overdose.

Three others, including comedian Fuquan Johnson, fatally overdosed after ingesting what is believed to be cocaine laced with fentanyl. Quigley was hosting a get-together in her rental home located in Venice, California when the police were called to check on the house. There they found Quigley and her other guests. Initially, police reported they had not suspected foul play but said drugs could have been involved with the incident.

Comedian Brian Rebban shared with his followers how Quigley was doing, posting the check-up online. “I’m alive. I’m not great. But I’m ok,” Quigley wrote in her message.

Quigley regularly performs stand-up at venues around L.A. She also appeared on shows The Office and Star Trek: Hidden Frontier.

Johnson was also doing stand-up in various L.A. clubs and was a writer on the TV show, Comedy Parlour Love.

Those close to Johnson have been sharing their memories online and releasing statements on his death.

Friend Danielle Johnson told The Times, “Fuquan [was] light and love, he was filled with laughs and had a huge passion to smile; he definitely left behind a legacy.”

Actor and producer Luke Barnett also told The Times Johnson was, “the nicest guy in the Valley, with a smile that lit up the room and made anyone instantly feel comfortable.”

The other victims are Natalie Williamson and Enrico Coangeli.

Coangeli was a comedian who performed at the Ha Ha Comedy Club in L.A. His family has paid tribute to him online and called his death a “devastating loss.”

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