Comedian and frequent Comedy Central roast attendee Amy Schumer, 31, admitted on Howard Stern on Wednesday morning to having a relationship with WWE fighter Dolph Ziggler, 32.

Stern was digging about details of Schumer's sex life with Ziggler when she obliged him, saying that the sex between her and professional wrestler Ziggler was too "athletic,' with him channeling his wrestling moves during coitus, and that it was the sheer physicality that led to their breakup.

After they split, however, Schumer realized that Ziggler was a "real sweetheart' and was actually affected by their breakup.

And, while we're at it, if you are one of those people who thought that anything goes at a roast, Schumer may have a surprise in store for you. At the roast of Charlie Sheen, she "made a joke about wishing Steve-O (from Jackass) had died instead of his friend (Ryan Dunn). People just thought I was making fun of his dead friend."

The incident made Schumer have to cancel certain tour dates. "It was not fun," she said.

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