YouTube’s popular comedy channel CollegeHumor released a new video last week, which has already received over 600,000 views. The viral video comically blasts the new Apple Music service by pointing out how unoriginal the idea really is.

CollegeHumor’s Apple Music Promo Parody Goes Viral

Apple introduced the new Apple Music app during its annual Worldwide Developer’s Conference earlier this month, bringing out the company’s record executive and Beats co-founder Jimmy Lovine, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software Eddy Cue, and hip hop star Drake. Together the team showed everyone how Apple Music plans to compete with the notable features of Spotify.

According to Apple, the new music service combines subscription-based music streaming with global radio-like programming and a social feature that connects artists to fans. Music lovers pay a flat fee, and will be able to unlock all of Apple Music’s extensive 30 million-song library. However, many people had questions about what made Apple Music so different from Spotify? CollegeHumor seems to think there’s no difference.

The video begins with an introduction of Apple Music, as the voice-over remarks, “Apple revolutionized the music industry with the iPod and now with Apple Music we present our greatest innovation yet — copying Spotify.” The parody then shows a mock interview with a fake Apple CEO Tim Cook, in which he explains how Apple Music works. “So how does Apple Music work? Now just imagine you’re using Spotify….”

The voiceover returns and points out some of the ways Apple plans to get rid of its competitor. “We guarantee that Apple Music will be the easiest most convenient way to stream music after we make it f—king impossible for you to use Spotify on any Apple product. Maybe we make it incompatible with our headphones or make Apple Music the default — like we did with Google Maps.”

Do you think Apple Music is only a cheap imitation of Spotify? Check out CollegeHumor’s video for yourself!

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