Colin Jost and his Saturday Night Live costar Cecily Strong walked the red carpet at the New York premiere of their new film, Staten Island Summer, where they dished to uInterview on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Colin Jost, Cecily Strong On Donald Trump

Earlier this week, Trump opted to retaliate against fellow presidential candidate Lindsey Graham – who had accused him of acting like a jackass – by calling Graham an “idiot” and giving out his phone number at a rally in South Carolina. Both Jost and Strong, comedians and comedy writers by trade, can’t help but appreciate Trump’s bombastic nature.

“I kind of love him. I honestly think he’s just saying things that no one else will say, which makes it so much more interesting,” Jost told uInterview exclusively at the premiere. “I think he’s like an id or something for like a quarter of America that just is like, ‘This is what people should be saying and talking about.’ And everyone else is like too afraid to talk about it. At least he’s making us talk about issues that are important, even if he’s doing it in an entertaining way.”

Jost mused that by giving out Graham’s number, Trump didn’t actually do anything of consequence. “Everyone has Lindsey Graham’s phone number,” Jost quipped about the South Carolina senator who claims to have never sent an email in his life. “No big news.”

Strong, noting Trump’s lack of a filter and controversial point of view, said that at the end of the day, there’s a part of her that loves the show he’s putting on during his political campaign.

“He doesn’t have a line, and I do appreciate that about him. There’s nothing that will make him stop doing insane things,” Strong told uInterview. “I guess I like it as someone who likes to observe the world – I don’t know if I love it as a human being. But I guess in comedy you have to love it a little.”

Staten Island Summer, written by Jost and starring Strong, follows two pals trying to have a memorable last summer before college while working as lifeguards at a local pool. Ashley Greene, Kate McKinnon, Kate Walsh, Jim Gaffigan, Will Forte, Gina Gershon and many more appear in the film.

Staten Island Summer is now available on-demand and will stream on Netflix starting July 30.

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