Coley Laffoon paid homage to his late ex-wife, Anne Heche, who passed away at 53, after a tragic car crash that left her comatose and severely burned.

Laffoon took to Instagram to celebrate the 21st birthday of his son, Homer, whom he shared with the Emmy and Tony award-nominated actress. The post featured a selection of sweet photos of Laffoon spending time with his son and had a lengthy caption that gave an update on their plans to celebrate as well as Homer’s well-being.


“21 years.goes fast. Before you know it the journey of a lifetime has become two lives. Intertwined, inseparable in the sense that what is in one is in the other. Homer is in me as much as I’m in him. It’s baked in,” Laffoon wrote in the sweet Instagram post.

Laffoon went on to share their plans to celebrate “this symbolic passage into adulthood” on a father-son trip to San Francisco before thanking his wife, Alexi Laffoon, who will be taking care of their three children while he is away with Homer.

“He’s come through his challenges on his terms. Can’t ask for much more. Has a promising new job, great friends, is a loving son and brother. Hopefully that is conveyed in thr faces in the pictures here. He’s doing great and it feels so good,” Laffoon wrote of his son, who had recently faced a legal battle with his mother’s ex-partner, James Tupper, over Heche’s estate.

“Impossible not to close my eyes and think of @anneheche zooming around the cosmos, swinging by Northern California, smiling her knowing and still vulnerable smile as she races past. He’s good Anne. Thank you for trusting him to me. It’s going to keep being great. I promise,” Laffoon wrote, paying homage to the late actress.

After thanking their family friend for the photos, “Your pics are as golden as your heart,” Laffoon warned that he will be returning to Instagram with more photos soon and concluded the post by thanking their followers: “To everyone else, thanks for being part of this ride. We’re all intertwined and I’m so glad.”

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