Though twice rejected by American Idol, pop singer Cobie Caillat has made her own way to success in the music business, as evidenced by the positive reviews of her third album, which was released today.

Caillat performed songs from “All of You” on the Today show this morning and told Kathie Lee and Hoda about her failed attempts to become an American Idol contestant, saying, “I’m shy, I’m nervous, I don’t audition well.” Since then though, the 26-year-old has won many fans with her bright songs and uplifting image.

Several songs on the new album detail her romance with boyfriend Justin Young, who plays guitar in her band and co-wrote the track “Like Yesterday.” The album also features a duet with rapper Common on the track, “Favorite Song.” Considering the recent controversy over Common’s appearance at a White House event, the pairing may seem unusual for Caillat, who was dubbed an “evangelist for positivity” by The Los Angeles Times. However, Caillat thinks highly of the socially aware rapper. “It was amazing! I had dreamed of working with him for years,” she told AOL.

Caillat debuted in 2007 with “Coco” and followed up the smash success of that album’s hit single, “Bubbly,” with her second highly acclaimed album, “Breakthrough,” in 2009. On “All of You,” Caillat takes a more personal turn. “I was just so in love that I was writing exactly what I felt, and if I was mad or sad about something, that came out in my songwriting too,” she revealed to The San Francisco Examiner. On the new album, Caillat has opened up about herself while holding to the image that has won her so many fans. With a new album, a happy relationship and adoring fans, Caillat seems to have it all.

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