Stephen Colbert hosted the Emmy Awards for the first time in his career, and started them off with a fun song and dance routine, called “The World’s a Little Better on TV.”


The late night host joked mainly about Donald Trump, but threw in some puns and references to many of the shows up for awards that evening. “So don’t you worry about global warming or the middle east, walk on the bright side with the recently deceased,” he said as a zombie from The Walking Dead walked past.

Stranger Things is much less strange than our reality, everything is better on TV,” he sang, dancing with Millie Bobby Brown along with the show’s evil demogorgon.

The opening number also involved a dance with women dressed in conservative hats from The Handmaid’s Tale, and cameos by the cast of This Is Us and Julie Louis-Dreyfus as Selina Meyer on Veep. “I’d like to vote for Selina Meyer, she’s pretty foxy,” Colbert sang. “Imagine if your president was not beloved by Nazis,” Lous-Dreyfus added.

Chance the Rapper appeared to list off some of the best shows of all time, but slipped in a line about supporting local mom and pop stores, and about heading out to join protests, instead of watching them on TV. Colbert also went on a serious note, thanking first responders for their service during Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and urged people to donate to relief funds. “If you haven’t donated to hurricane relief yet, you still can by going to and giving generously.”

He then made a pretty easy joke at Trump, saying he was the only man who had enough time to watch all the TV shows out there. “Hello sir, looking forward to the tweets,” he said.

“This is exciting, can you feel this is TV’s highest honors. This is us celebrating us. Tonight, we binge ourselves. Can you feel it?” Colbert joked in his monologue. “Just a reminder, if you do win, don’t forget to thank everyone who helped you get up here. Mainly Game of Thrones for not being eligible this year.”

See the musical number below.

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