Coco Rocha, the Canadian supermodel, revealed her pregnancy with an unusual video posted to Instagram.

Coco Rocha Is Pregnant

Rocha announced that she and her husband James Conran are expecting their first child together on Monday, writing on Instagram, “We are absolutely thrilled and elated to announce that after four years of marriage we are expanding our family and expecting our first child spring of 2015!”

Accompanying the announcement, Rocha provided a video in which she’s wearing a leotard to match her ivory skin, standing on a podium as a camera pans around her. At the end of the video, it says, “Baby Conran Arriving Spring 2015.”

Back in the summer, Rocha revealed that her mother, Rocky, would never want to be called grandma by her grandchildren.

“They have to call her by her first name,” Rocha, 26, told People. “I think this is a new thing, women not wanting to be called grandma.”

Rocky apparently told her daughter, “I’m old in skin, but not in my thinking.”

Rocha and Conran have been married since 2010.

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